This past week we had a n additional game for all players that turned in their score card.  We 
asked everybody to putt out so we could figure who would win each category.  So the player with 
the most birdies, pars, bogeys, and double bogeys each win a sleeve of golf balls.  Our winners 
for the week are as follows:
Birdies ? Matt Giovanelli (6)
Pars ? Bob Kelsey (16)
Bogeys ? Juan Briceno (11)
Double Bogeys ? Gary Tucker (4)

Please take a minute out of your day and thank Bill Saylor for his kindness in doing this event 
and the Circle S Cup Event.

Guys, first I would like to thank Bill Saylor, for all that he has done for our skins game and the
Circle S Cup.  

It looks as though the race is tightening up and it's going to come down to the final week.  I have
devised a point system that will allow for every body in the top 10 to have an opportunity to win
the cup.  I will have more details on that later.  

Lastly, Mr. Saylor has made the deposit for the Cup playoffs at Innisbrook Resort down in Tampa. 
Please make sure that if you are to qualify, you will be able to make the event.  Lastly, I want to
thank all the players for showing up and competing every week.  Stone Creek Golf Club appreciates
all your support.

Sponsored by Circle S Horse Transport Services, Reddick, FL