2017 Standings
Steve Frazer - Champion
Gary Blake - 2nd place
Bob Hilliard - 3rd place
Gary White - 4th place

From Left front row:David Haught, Gary White, Steve Frazer, John Hennessey, Anthony Ells, Jason Flynn, Matt Giovannelli
Back Row:Bob Hilliard, Stan Cooke, Gary Blake, Bill Saylor, Marc Russell
Cup Winners 2017
BagTag Bill DaveHaughtsHead
Bob Gary Blake Gift Box
Matt and Bill Stan and Bill Steve Frazer
Clubhouse Foursome Foursome

Top 10 Finalists 2017
Anthony Ells
Tony Diorio
John Hennessey
Marc Russell
Matt Giovannelli - Playing Spectator
Bob Hilliard
Steve Frazer
Gary White
Jason Flynn
Gary Blake
Anthony Ells
2016 Results 2017 Results